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t the wild animals and is launching professional trainings for the Tibetan antelope guards as November 11 marks the 2nd birthday of Official Mascots▓ of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Tibetan antelope has been▓ selected as one of the mascots for Beijing Olympic in 2005 by both experts and t▓he general public, which is an honor for the whole region.By ▓far, there are 72 wildlife protecti

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on workers serving in the Ke Ke Xi Li Nature Reserve,

who are all local farmers and herd▓smen. What is more, in response to the spirit of the 17th National Congress of CPC, another 49 volunteers have joined this work after receiving some necessary professional ▓trainings.As reported, all of the volunteers can get a

monthly subsidy from the Ke Ke Xi Li Nature R

eserve Administration Bureau for rewards. Xuan Ke▓, President of Dayan Naxi Ancient Music Association, was born in Lijiang, Yunnan Province in 1930. Of Tibetan-Naxi ethnicity, he founded the Naxi Orchestra in 1981 to protect and revive disappearin